A nice shot of a German HEER motorcycle and sidecar. It has a unit emblem and has seen some action. Period photograph.

A rare photo of armored recon vehicles of the pre Nazi Reich Wehr. Note no eagle over the cockade on the Panzer caps and the “RW” plates.

Lake Tahoe area 1942-43 stateside while training to fly the heavies. Gorgeous car and two Gorgeous ladies. Kodachroe slie

!942-43 somewhere out west during flight training for the heavies. Kodachrome slide

GIs at the pyramids 1944-45 time frame. Kodachrome slide

A bit blurry but a great shot of a Radio in use by a navy personell durig the search for lost Navy planes. Kodachrome siide

California State guard and Navy personnel having dinner during the search for down Navy planes. Early 1941. Kodachrome slide

A great shot of a California State Guard field kitchen. taken in 1941 prior to the start of WWII. Kodachrome slide

A Pilot wearing a tan crusher and M43 field jacket. Taken on Okinowa 1945-46. kodachrome slide

A Capt. with a great looking cut down 4 pocket. He is in the signals and the SSI is for the Far east air forces. Kodachrome Slide